Eclipse Space Pen, Black Plastic with Clip and NASA "Meatball" Logo (#ECL-NASAMB)

Fisher Eclipse Space Pen in black finish and 'NASA Meatball' logo (#ECL-NASAMB). The Eclipse Space Pen is a sleek, shiny, black, plastic pen with accents of contrasting matte black for the finger grip section & rear button. It features a handy pocket clip as well for added security, and just a touch of silver color. A simple and affordable option with all the same unique capabilities that Space Pens are known for around the world!


NASA Meatball LogoThe round NASA insignia, nicknamed the 'meatball,' was designed by employee James Modarelli in 1959, NASA’s second year. The design incorporates references to different aspects of the mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The round shape of the insignia represents a planet. The stars represent space. The red v-shaped wing represents aeronautics. The circular orbit around the agency’s name represents space travel.

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Made in USAThe plastic Fisher Eclipse Space Pens are a great way to experience the amazing qualities of a Fisher Space Pen without breaking your budget. With the same pressurized refill as the other Space Pens you get those same features; write underwater, over grease, at any angle, upside down, 3-times longer than the average pen, in extreme temperatures and of course in the vacuum of space!

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BrandFisher Space Pen Co.
Manufacturer Part Number(s)#ECL-NASAMB
Refill Type#PR4 (Black Medium)
Product ColourBlack
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Warrantymanufacturer's guarantee
EAN Code0747609181111
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