PR1F Blue Fine Original Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill

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Original Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Refill, Blue Ink, Fine Point (#PR1F)

This is the original standard 3.5" pressurized refill ink cartridge that fits most of the Fisher Space Pens. The write out for this refill is approximately 15,000 feet (4.500 meters), depending on writing style - 3 times longer than a typical ball point cartridge!

The Fisher Space Pen Refills are sealed pressurized refills which do not leak, have a shelf life of over 100 years, write in a vacuum, upside down, under water and in extreme temperatures, in freezing cold and bitter heat. Give a whole new life to your favorite Fisher Space Pen, whichever model it may be.

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BrandFisher Space Pen Co.
Refill ColourBlue
Point SizeFine
No. of Pcs. in Packaging1
Warrantynot applicable
EAN Code0747609111118